There are some obvious reasons why people use dry shampoo spray. People who are ill and can’t get into a bathtub or shower for a while may choose to use these kinds of shampoos. There are special devices designed for washing hair in bed. One’s a shower-cap type headgear with a chute for the water to run off. But if you’ve ever tried to wash someone’s hair in one of these you know how labor intensive it is. It’s also very easy to get water everywhere and still not get all the shampoo out, which can leave the patient with an itchy scalp. Dry shampoo spray is a great, easy option in that situation.

But there are other reasons why people choose to go dry, too.

Lack of Time

Someone who woke up late or is faced with a sudden opportunity might want to shampoo but simply not have the time. Is it better to be late for an appointment and show up freshly shampooed or be on time with slightly oily hair? With dry shampoo spray you don’t have to choose the lesser of two evils. Use the spray to give your hair a definite boost and get rid of surface oils, and still be on time.

Hair Fatigue

Shampoos, conditioners, oil treatments, mousse, gel, gunk, goo, blow dryers, curling irons, straightening irons . . . we manhandle our hair and expect it to look fantastic and shiny every day. But all these things make it dull, dry and overworked. Even conditioner, which makes hair soft and silky, can build up over time and give hair a lifeless look. Opting to skip the products now and then and use a dry shampoo spray gives your hair a break. Every now and then when your hairstyle looks fine, skip the shampoo, conditioner and styling. If you don’t wash it you won’t have to blow dry, heat, crimp, curl and spray your hair into place again. Just use a little dry shampoo spray to keep it fresh and go. It’s like a day off for hardworking hair.

Easier Day-2 Hair

Shaped styles and things like beehive hair work better a day after shampooing. They hold better when hair still contains some of its natural oils. Shampoo makes some styles harder because it strips everything away.  Because dry shampoo spray just cleans the excess and doesn’t strip everything, certain hairstyles are easier to achieve on day 2 after a wash.


We’ve all been faced with broken water mains, boil orders, remodeling or other situations that require the water be turned off or not used for a day or two. Having a can of dry shampoo spray as a backup plan means your grooming won’t suffer if your water heater goes out or the plumbing gets clogged.


Because if you take a dip in a river or stream, sudsing shampoos and conditioners should be avoided, you can end up with hair that still looks oily. And you may opt to not even swim when you camp, depending on the temperature and the water in the area. A small can of dry shampoo spray in your pack will help you stay feeling clean and fresh while you enjoy getting back to nature.