Rene Furterer is a French hair care line that prides itself on using natural active ingredients in its products, such as essential oils. See below for a detailed company profile. Naturia Dry Shampoo is their powder shampoo offering, and one look at the ingredient list confirms that this product adheres to their line’s concept. It contains cornstarch and rice powder, silica, safflower oil, kaolin clay, and peppermint and basil essential oils.

This is one of the lighter dry shampoos on the market. It works best as a touch-up for after the gym or to freshen your hair after work before a night out. If you have significantly oily hair, I think this product is not strong enough to get the job done. You would have to use so much of it that it would be obvious and visible. However, if you are looking for a natural product that only needs to serve light duty, Rene Furterer dry shampoo is ideal.

Naturia is a dry shampoo spray and like many dry shampoo sprays, it is easy to use up the entire bottle much faster than you intended. It is not uncommon to only get five or ten uses out of one of these bottles. The best approach is to spray a small amount to begin with, wait, comb through, and then determine if you need to add more.

Another problem with Naturia is the scent. Rene Furterer prides itself on using only natural ingredients, and with a list that includes things like peppermint and orange oil, you might be expecting a refreshing and invigorating fragrance. Unfortunately, this has a very heavy smell that isn’t very youthful. It smells worst when it is being sprayed and the scent does fade quickly. That rules this waterless shampoo out if you were looking for something to mask smoke odors or make your hair smell really fresh.

Is this product worth purchasing? If natural ingredients are very important to you and you are not planning to use it on the fifth day of not washing your hair, then yes, this is a good choice for you. But with so many other dry shampoos on the market, I think this product really falls short. For example, Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo leaves behind a fun summery scent and costs less than half of Naturia. Bumble and Bumble dry shampoo is a little pricier but it gives hair a lot of great volume and really makes your hair look a lot cleaner. I’d take either of those over this product. I really wanted to like it based on the ingredients but I was disappointed when I tried it.

Rene Furterer Company Profile

Rene Furterer is a hair care company established by Rene Furterer himself in Provence. Their aim is to create hair care products that are as close to nature as possible. All of the products feature green packaging and plant-based ingredients. Their premise is simple: healthy hair comes from a healthy scalp. Rather than trying to treat damaged hair, they seek to prevent it by keeping the scalp in top shape. Their products are packed with vitamins and other botanical ingredients that promote healthy hair and, in turn, hair growth. They all feature essential oils which not only help the skin on the scalp but also lend a natural, fresh fragrance to the hair. The company started out small but is now owned by Laboratoires Pierre Fabre, which affords them a bigger budget for researching the very best botanical ingredients to use in their hair care products.

The Rene Furterer line includes a variety of organic shampoos and conditioners as well as dry shampoo. They also offer organic hair styling products such as wax and mousse. Their scalp treatments are among the best on the market thanks to Furterer’s focus on scalp health as the main factor in determining hair health and appearance. They also have several kits and gift sets which enable consumers to try several of their products at once.

One of their top selling products is Rene Furterer Naturia Dry Shampoo. This product is great for people who are environmentally conscious. It is a powder that takes the place of shampoo by absorbing oil from the hair. This product is not only full of natural ingredients but also has the added benefit of reducing the waste of water and electricity.
Another top seller is Rene Furterer Reactional Thin Hair Program. This is a three step program designed to help regrow hair. This is not created for those suffering from genetic hair loss or hair loss due to aging. Rather, it treats reactional hair loss, which is hair loss due to stress or hormonal factors such as pregnancy.

They have another 3-step kit designed to help fight frizzy hair. The Rene Furterer 3 Step Anti Frizz Kit features three organic products designed to be used in conjunction with one another. The shampoo and conditioner are to be followed up with serum which all work together to keep hair looking sleek and tamed on even the most humid days.

Rene Furterer is a salon brand that can also be found at high end retailers, including online. Their prices are toward the high end of the scale thanks to the research that goes into their formulations as well as the natural ingredients used.

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