There has always been a strong interest in red hair color ideas and this season, once again, is no different.  The range of red hair colors is extensive and has a tone suitable for every skin, complexion, and personality type.

If you’re considering updating your hair and obtaining a warm and exciting color for the cooler months, then perhaps you will find that moving towards reds is exactly what you need.

With many hair colors that are a more drastic change from your natural color, you will need to keep up with the maintenance.  Pay particular attention to fading and the grow out of the roots. Red hair will add a tremendous amount of vibrancy to healthy hair, so be sure you’ve had a good hairstyle and cut to remove any dry or damaged hair before you color.

We’ve talked before about how you need to know what your complexion type is.  Are you warm or cool colored? Do you have pinkish skin? A slight yellow tint?  A peach tint? What about if you have more of a medium skin tone? Or even an olive tone or darker?  Still, there is a probably red hair color idea that will suit you perfectly.

If you’ve been a lighter haired person for some time and want to enter into the world of red, you may want to go easy by starting with a milder tone of red or use some highlights or lowlights to get a feel for how the color will look on you.  You can always consult with a hair professional to assist you in determining which shades of red will suit your skin tone the best.

So what is the range of colors available when you’re looking at reds?  Some people think only of the light strawberry blonde — or to the opposite side of the spectrum, reds that look more like burgundy and plum.  Red hair color ideas start at the lighter shades of strawberry, through to coppers, deep reds and burgundy. The choices even in between these major color points are extensive depending on the product you choose to use.

Red hair color ideas work well with most all skin tones.  It’s a matter of finding the tone of the color that matches your skin.  Reds are generally considered a warm color and obviously work extremely well with warm skin tones to bring out your color and highlight your eyes and skin.

Even if you have a cool skin tone, you are absolutely in luck when choosing to use red hair color ideas.  You may actually find that the bolder reds with some highlighting will bring out the fire in your cool skin tones.  This is such a great choice of color range for so many women; no wonder red hair color ideas are once again looking to be “the” color of the season.

Red hair, no matter what tone of red works for your skin, is an extremely vibrant and exciting color that is sure to cause a lot of looks.  Your personality will receive a good boost with this lovely range of red hair color ideas and it will also bring out the tone of your skin and the color of your eyes.  Think about those you know with red hair and you will realize what a fun and daring color this could be for you.