Discover the best natural remedies to restore shine and softness to electric hair!

You know when your hair looks crazy and your long hair starts flying around your head? It almost feels like someone’s pulling it up. And the more you try to flatten it with your hands, comb or brush, the more they rise and float carefree in front of you.
Nobody likes the electric effect and unfortunately it is very frequent and it is not always easy to send them away.

On those days when hair is practically untameable, the only solution you find is to use a nice braid!

Why does the hair get electrified?

Surely you have noticed: in winter this phenomenon is even more frequent!
One of the main causes that makes hair electric is the wind and the cold and dry air, typical of the winter period. Because of the dry air and lack of humidity, hair tends to dehydrate: the loss of moisture in your hair is not only due to the cold, it can also generate excessive heat and an environment without humidity. This means that you may end up with dry hair and the unsightly electric effect in the middle of summer, in the heat. Even sweaters and long scarves have their fair share of responsibility, acrylic yarns in fact contribute to the development of electrostatic energy. The direct contact generates a continuous rubbing that causes the hair to charge negatively, giving off positive ions. And that explains the electrification! Another phenomenon that facilitates the appearance of electric hair is the alteration of the cuticle and hair: a healthy hair is less likely to electrify under the same conditions! It is therefore essential not only to adopt good anti-frizz and anti-excitation habits but also to take care of your hair today.

A few tips to follow to avoid electric hair

Admit it: you’ll do anything for your hair! Among the things women hate the most we can undoubtedly include electric hair, in the company of the dreaded frizzy effect. With the right products and paying a little attention to the phenomenon we can say goodbye to this problem. A good habit to fight them is to wear only natural fibres such as wool and cotton, as well as trying to avoid silk which contributes to creating electricity in the hair. Avoid excessive heat when you dry your hair as well as when you put it in a crease (pay attention to the temperature of the hair dryer and the inordinate use of the straightener), finally try to dehumidify your rooms. All you need is a bowl of water on the radiator to keep your hair dry.

Do you know that what you eat can also nourish your hair and make it shine?

The remedies against the electric effect

You can do a lot to limit the appearance of the electrical effect. Here we suggest some particularly effective remedies, follow all the tips to maximize the effect!

After shampooing, always conditioner. One of the functions of the conditioner is to soften the cuticles by removing electrostatics from your hair. The conditioner nourishes and cares for your hair while eliminating static energy. What more can you ask for from a product? Practically essential!

Be careful with the hair products you use. Choose a delicate shampoo: to avoid a frizzy and electric effect, you can prefer a more delicate oil formulation, also ideal for frequent washing. Alternatively, dilute the shampoo with a little water before applying it. After shampooing, complete with a specific anti-frizz serum, a smoothing product, a pack or a moisturizing mask to deeply nourish the hair. In a few weeks you will notice the difference: your hair will be much healthier!

No to plastic. Plastic brushes and combs charge your hair and amplify static electricity just like the synthetic fibres in your clothing. Choose wooden combs and wooden brushes with natural bristles and you’ll see the results!

Choose a good hair dryer. Maybe your old hair dryer will help make your hair electric too! Today there are new ion hair dryers on the market, which release moisturizing substances while drying hair and are able to reduce the phenomenon of electrification. Also pay attention to the temperature: it should never be too hot. Use an excellent straightener. Choose a ceramic model so that it is not too aggressive for your hair and don’t get too close to the root to avoid burning it when you use it! These are small but valuable tips for the health and beauty of your hair.

Humidity? No, thanks. Don’t dry your hair in the bathroom full of moisture where you may have just showered. It would be like keeping your hair in the rain! Dry your hair in another room, keep it under the hot spray until it’s dry and remember never to get the hair dryer too close to your hair. The ideal is to stay a foot away. Hairspray is always a good idea. Hairspray is an excellent remedy for the problem of the electrical effect. Do not spray it directly on the hair but spray it on the brush or comb in order to distribute it evenly and never too much. Don’t exaggerate with hairspray or instead of fluttering, electric hair you’ll find it still and dead!

Appointment important and electric hair?

A last minute trick is to pass a little (a little bit really!) of moisturizing cream on your hair. Spread a walnut of your favorite face moisturizer on your hands and then rub your hands on the hair, staying only on the surface. See how beautiful and shiny your hair is?