Following the health concerns raised for using shampoos that contain sulfates, most people have switched to using organic shampoos. If you are one of them you might have wondered what the best organic shampoos in the market are. Well, choosing best shampoo is a matter of opinion. There are some shampoos that have been constantly rated highly in consumer surveys and customer reviews. But, not all organic shampoos are the same. Since the federal government does not regulate the manufacture of organic cosmetics, you should not buy shampoo simply because its label has the word organic. To decide whether or not a shampoo is organic you must always read the labels carefully and to see if it actually has been made with organic ingredients. Some of the criteria used to rate the best organic shampoo by rating agencies includes: safety of ingredients, has the shampoo been tested on animals, the commitment of the manufacturer to the local community and the manufacturing company’s impact on the environment.

What is the best organic shampoo for you?

Some of the qualities of the best organic shampoo are: it should properly get rid of excess oil and dirt, it does not strip your hair of its natural moisture, it contains botanical extracts that are nutrient rich which nourish and moisturize your hair and if your use it regularly it makes your hair soft and healthy inside and out. When searching for the best organic shampoos there are some factors that you must consider. Some of the factors to consider are: the price of the shampoo, its quality, the ingredients used to make it, your hair type, hair texture and styling needs.

Best rated organic shampoo brands/manufacturers

Organix have a wide variety of shampoos that are rated among the best hair care products. One of the most popular shampoos from Organix is the organic Smoothing Shea Butter Shampoo. It contains organic Shea butter, whipped yogurt proteins, vitamin E and avocado oil in its ingredients. It straightens and nourishes hair to give it a shiny and healthy look. They also have other organic shampoos which contain Aloe Vera leaf juice and deionized water to moisturize and soften damaged hair.

Aubrey Organics is another company that manufactures some of the best organic shampoos, their shampoo line caters for a wide range of hair types and they get high ratings for the way they handle the impact of their products to the environment. Their shampoos are not animal tested and they use no harsh chemicals in their manufacture. Aubrey organics shampoo helps your hair to hold more shine and feel soft. You can get Aubrey Organics shampoos from most natural foods stores and from the internet.

There is also another men’s hair care line that has very good shampoos known as the American best keratin products. Their shampoos receive good customer ratings with most consumers feeling that the shampoos make their hair easy to manage and they give it a smooth and healthy sheen than most brands.

Avalon organic also has a full line of shampoos for each and every hair type. Their ingredients are 100% vegetarian and the use of natural oil in their products ensures that your hair does not remain dry; instead, it becomes smoother and shinier.

John Masters is also another company that makes some of the best organic hair care products. Their shampoos combine different types of herbs and natural plant products to give you healthy hair. Customer reviews also indicate that it increases the volume of your hair and it has a pleasant fragrance.

Where to get the best organic shampoo

Most people buy shampoo from drug stores within their area of residence. You can also get these shampoos from beauty supply stores and online stores. Before buying any shampoo online, you must do thorough research and since you can not physically sample the shampoos sold online customer feedback is a good guide when choosing shampoo. Some of the websites where you can find these shampoos include Saffron Rouge, Sephora, Amazon, and Nature’s organic market. Most of these websites have customer reviews on each shampoo. However, you should not fully rely on customer feedback when settling for an organic shampoo because you may find that you are getting different results. For that reason, you should be willing to try out different formulas and brands to find the one that works best for your hair.