The joys of being brunette are many.  You have the hair color most envied by all your counterparts due to its richness, depth of color, and potential to make minor changes that will impress everyone you meet.

Certainly, there are many brunettes that long for a bit of a change in their hair color.  Hair color ideas for brunettes can range from mild highlighting to an overall color change that will give you a totally new look.

Brunettes should still consider their skin tone and eye color when looking at new hair color ideas.  There are some important considerations to take into account should you be a brunette with a cool or warm complexion.

If you have a naturally brilliant brunette hair color, it is often best to consider using a hair color that is as close to your natural color as possible.  Using a naturally complimentary color will enhance the brilliance of your hair and provide a healthy treatment for the hair strands themselves. No hair color looks good if the hair strands are dead and lifeless.

Basically, there are three types of skin tones:  fair or pale complexions, olive complexion, and dark complexion.  Our fair skinned friends should be considering hair color ideas for brunettes that will keep them in the warmer shades of brown like honey brown or copper brown.

Highlighting is another way to improve your natural hair color and using colors such as golden or light red highlights will make such a beautiful change and naturally enhance your basic color.

Brunettes with an olive skin tone will find that the darker coffee, espresso, and dark chocolate hair colors are the most attractive for their complexion.  Olive skinned brunettes will also want to try to stay with a single overall color to complement their faces.

Again, those of you who wish to try some highlighting would be wise to stay close to the honey brown or golden colors as these will be the best for naturally lightening your hair.

Darker complexioned brunettes are naturally complemented by the deeper, richer browns like chocolate brown and caramel.  Highlighting, though not recommended, can be achieved by using one of the bronze colors — or even try a little more adventure with some plum highlights.

When considering hair color ideas for brunettes, for the most part, you really want to stay away from light colors like light blonds or ash blondes.  And the opposite is also true; if you’re considering a foray into the darker of darks for a hair color, you will need to be aware of the upkeep involved.

There are always going to be problems with roots showing up as their natural color (or gray if that’s what’s happening to you).  And when using a color that is significantly lighter or darker than your natural hair color, this retouching the roots will become not only costly but time-consuming as well.

If you’re a brunette, you do have the most versatile of all hair colors.  Determining your skin tone, whether warm or cool, and your complexion, whether fair, olive, or dark, will help you significantly in choosing a hair color idea for brunette hair that will leave you feeling much more confident in your choice.